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Joannes Maria

Joannes Maria

Date d'inscription : 15/09/2010


An Important Article From Vassula about Pope Francis

Dear TLIG followers,

I am shocked at the fact that I’m learning that some of you are following the persecutors of Pope Francis and that you are adding calumnies on him. You have been blinded and have become one of those judges who strike the shepherd. Shame on you! All of those in our TLIG groups who are against Pope Francis who was chosen by Christ, I wish them to step down immediately and get out of TLIG! Out of our prayer groups, out of all our retreats and Pilgrimages because you are like gangrene in the Body of Christ! I am listening ONLY on what Christ is saying about the Pope and I’m not listening to those who claim they know best no matter what position they are in.

Either these persecutors have not read the prophecies contained in the TLIG messages regarding the Seat of Peter, (the Pope) or conveniently they overlook through all of these past years Jesus’ warnings that in these last days a rebellious spirit will strike the successor of Peter. It is not just that recent message of 16 August 2019 which raised eyebrows, in which Jesus’ tone is strong, telling that those who persecute the Pope are no disciples of His, which to some, for their own convenience rejected that message and do not believe Jesus said it. To them, TLIG messages have become like a supermarket, ‘pick and choose’, this I like and this I don’t like…

That’s how much Satan blinded them! But Jesus throughout all of these years always spoke about the Seat of Peter, and it is not just recently. I therefore decided to pick up a few extracts to remind everyone what Jesus had been saying, and how strongly He had been warning us! I want you to take particular notice of the dates too. So wake up!

On March 17, 1993 the Lord said to me:

peace be with you; lift your voice without fear and prophesy; prophesy, My child, to blot out wickedness from so many hearts! let those who have ears let them listen to what the Spirit today is saying to the churches; let all who are thirsty come: write and tell My sacerdotal souls this: "rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back has first to be removed, before the Rebel appears openly;" 2 I tell you, love My Church as I love Her and as I sacrificed Myself for My Church to make Her entirely holy, you too, My priests, sacrifice yourselves to Her, imitate Me;

I am telling you all this and I know that My sheep who belong to Me will listen to My Voice and will never fail Me; I am addressing you today to tell you from the core of My Heart the same embittered words I uttered at My Last Supper around My disciples: "someone who shares My table rebels against Me; I tell you this now, before it happens, so that when it does happen you may believe that I am He speaking, today;"

I, Jesus Christ, wish to warn My priests, bishops and cardinals, I wish to warn all My House of a great tribulation; My Church is approaching a great tribulation; remember, I have chosen you, by My sanctifying Spirit, to glorify Me; I have chosen you from the beginning to be the sturdy pillars of My Church and to live by faith in the Truth; I have chosen you to share My Glory and to shepherd My lambs;

I tell you solemnly that you will soon be tested by fire; pray and fast so as not to be put to the test; stand firm and keep the traditions you were taught; obey My Pope3 no matter what comes up; remain faithful to him and I will give you the graces and the strength you will need; I urge you to keep faithful to him and keep away from anyone who rebels against him; above all, never listen to anyone who dispels him; never let your love for him grow insincere;

soon you will be faced with an ordeal as you have never experienced before; My enemies will try to buy you for themselves with insidious speeches, the evil one is at his work already and Destruction is not far away from you; the Pope4 will have much to suffer; this is why you will all be persecuted for proclaiming the Truth and for being obedient to My Pope;

I tell you solemnly, every fiber of My Heart is lacerated; if anyone comes your way bringing a different doctrine than the one I Myself instituted, do not listen to him; (Gal 1:Cool these people come from the Deceiver; I have laid down My foundation on Peter, the rock .... and the gates of the underworld can never hold out against it ... (Mt 16:18)[VC1] if anyone comes your way and tells you: "move from your fidelity you have for this Pope to another's sound movement"; do not move! beware! the yeast of the Deceiver may be powerful and might taste good, but in reality it is of deadly deception! Mt 24:24)[VC2] do not allow anyone to deceive you; resist the devil's tactics, for today, My priests, you will have to conquer evil with the strength you receive from Me who am the Truth; you will be in a spiritual war as never before with an army which originates from the powers of Darkness;

…love one another and stand firm without fear when the great Tribulation, that now hovers like a black cloud over My House, will cover it like a black veil; I have told you all this now before it happens, so that when it happens you may believe;

Do you recognize anything in this message? Are we not living it now? Today they are being in full actualization. I printed in red font a passage that we have to take special attention, where it says: "rebellion is at its work already, but in secret, and the one who is holding it back has first to be removed, before the Rebel appears openly;" 2

When Christ said: ‘the one who is holding it back’ this is the Pope. So, if the persecutors of the Pope will manage to remove him, then the Rebel, who is Satan himself will appear openly.

Again in the message of 17th March 1993 when Jesus said: “I have laid down My foundation on Peter, the rock…” obviously when Jesus talks about ‘Peter’, He talks about the successors as well of Peter, all the Popes, without excluding any of them. Christ knew that today Pope Francis would be misunderstood and undermined by persecutors who would not hesitate to judge him and would want to oust him out of the papacy. Evil tongues gossip that he is not even elected in a legal manner and that he is illegally in Peter’s Chair! Jesus, having foreseen this sort of persecution, gave us several warnings many years back not to go against any Pope, because he knew that Cardinals will go against Cardinals and Bishops against Bishops and priests against priests, disagreeing with one another and creating a kind of schism within His Body, the Church, making it bleed as He says in the messages.

What does Jesus tell me? He told me many times, that these are the thorns of His Body, and that He will point them out to me so that I pull them out. He gave me a command: pull out the thorns of My Body. Therefore, when Jesus points out to me who are the persecutors to the Pope in our TLIG groups, I answer to Jesus’ command and ask them to leave TLIG and pray for them that they open their eyes to the Will of God. There is no way of convincing them, since they became judges and are experts of turning around everything the Pope says or does to the negative. It is a Pharisaic kind of spirit they got without them even knowing what a trap Satan put for them!

If we wish, we too can persecute Jesus for some contradictions of His words and blame Him. Here are some: When He says one time that we should make peace with one another and with God, then He says in another passage, that He has not come on earth to bring peace but a fire. There are many other passages that if we do not have the Holy Spirit to understand them in the proper way we can misinterpret them.

- Luke 14:26 “If any one comes to me without hating his fatherand mother... cannot be my disciple.” contradicts Luke 18:20 “You know the commandments, 'You shall not commit adultery; you shall not kill; you shall not steal; you shall not bear false witness; honor your father and your mother.'”
- Luke 6:37 “Stop judging and you will not be judged” contradicts John 7:24 “judge justly”.
- Luke 22:42 “Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me” contradicts John 12:27 “I am troublednow. Yet what should I say? 'Father, save me from this hour'? But it was for this purpose that I came to this hour.”
- John 8:15 “I do not judge anyone” contradicts John 5:27 “And he gave him power to exercise judgment, because he is the Son of Man.”

However, these passages have to be interpreted with the right mind and the help of the Holy Spirit, and so it is with what the Pope is saying but the Pharisaic spirit of those who call him heretic and judge him are condemned by Jesus.

Here are some more passages on what I’m trying to remind you of:

June 11, 1987
I will lead you with Heavenly Force, right into the very depths of My Bleeding Body; I will point out to you with My finger all the sacerdotal sinners who are the thorns of My Body; I will not spare them; I am worn out, My Wounds are wider than ever, My Blood is gushing out; I am being recrucified by My own, My own Sacerdotal souls!

November 10, 1987
“I am before you always guiding you; uniting My Church will Glorify Me! I will lead you into the very depths of My Bleeding Body; I will point out to you My thorns, you will recognise them;”

September 29, 1987
take My Hand daughter, keep close to Me and I will point out to you those thorns; I will lead you with divine force into the very depths of My Body, I will let you recognise the lance's blade;I will not spare the Cains, Vassula, for what have they to offer Me? their hands are empty and have nothing to offer My lambs; they love to show themselves in public, they love to be greeted obsequiously, they are like salt having lost its taste; I tell you truly daughter, they are today's Pharisees!
(The lance’s blade is our division.)

January 10, 1990
I have given Peter the charge of My Church and I have asked him to feed you, to look after you and to love you; I tell you solemnly, before this generation has passed away, all that I have been telling you will have taken place, so do not be deceived but resist your opponents, resist those who oppose Peter;

September 20, 1990

I Am;
come and console Me, come and comfort Me, rest Me; I have created you so that I may be the One and only in your heart; I have created you to remove My thorns that penetrated My Body;

October 3, 1994
My Church will have to undergo all the sufferings and the betrayals I Myself had undergone, but Scriptures once more have to be accomplished when they say: "I shall strike the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered;" 4however, obey this shepherd no matter what happens, remain faithful to him and to no one else; your shepherd will be struck ....
and the wails of My people will pierce the heavens; when nothing but rubble will become of My city, the earth will be riven and rent and will sway;

January 28, 1997
stretch out your hands towards the Sanctuary .... 5
I have given you a pair of hands which I kissed and anointed with a blessing so that they pluck out the thorns encircling My Heart; I have blessed them so that they do not weary of writing and remain bound to Mine for all eternity; I have anointed them so that in the end of the ceremony, 6 those hands will set a crown of glory on My Head;

And last, the recent message of August 16, 2019, in which Jesus again speaks about the Pope. I give you again these famous words of Jesus, “beware of those who condemn the Pope,” He says, …”anyone who condemns the Vicar of My Church cannot be My disciple…”

April 4, 1997
to conceal their plans these people, who raise Me daily, scheme in the dark to overthrow Peter's Chair and silence the Vicar of My Church and all those to whom I revealed their plans and expose their apostasy; they scheme in the dark to silence Me, saying: "who can see us? who can recognise us?"

I will fulfil My Promise and your distress and anguish will come to an end; so tell My sons and daughters that My Voice will soon thunder from above and the foundations of the mountains will tremble; now these traders in My Church are closing in on him whom I placed on Peter's Chair and have eyes for nothing but to see him overthrown; they look like a lion eager to tear to pieces, like a young lion crouching in its hide;

I have nothing to add on this, Jesus Christ, says it all.
In Christ,

[VC1]“you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.” (Mt 16:18)
[VC2]“False messiahs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform signs and wonders so great as to deceive, if that were possible, even the elect. (Mt 24: 24)


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